How to Use

The best way to use Shungite in order to obtain the advantages and benefits of it is to wear it every day on you or have it around you. There is no need to emphasize much on how you wear the stone as long as you have it very close to you at all times. You can wear the stone as a pendant or as a bracelet. Other common ways of using the stone include using them in earrings, rings or even brooches. Having pyramids or Spheres around your home or office is also a great idea. However, you must keep in mind the stone is fairly soft, brittle and fragile, and even the softest of knocks can cause it to crack or break.

Shungite Stone has the ability to protect you from the surrounding EMF frequencies and negative energies. That, however, would not be possible if you are nowhere near the stone itself. The same also applies to environments as well. For instance, if you experience too much negative energy in your house or your office, you can place one such stone in a specific spot. It is preferred that you place the stone in the area where you most encounter the negative energy. This will enable the stone to work its magic best.

In case you wish to use the stone in order to obtain the physical benefits, you can simple drop a tiny, but thoroughly clean piece of the stone into your water and leave it for a while. After some time, you need to drink the water. You can also hot water for the purpose as the heat is known to amplify the beneficial properties and energy of the stone. Drinking water infused with Shungite will also help you maintain a calm ambiance and state of mind at all times.

The important thing to remember here is that Shungite should be near you at all times.

Final verdict – Is Shungite powerful enough to help you?

There is plenty of scientific evidence that shows the useful benefits of the stone, making it a must-have for your collection. If you are still wondering about what is shungite good for, all you need to do is use the stone for a few days, and you will start to notice the calming effect of the stone in every aspect of your life. Its ability to absorb the negative energy from the surrounding area is one of the top benefits of the stone as it allows you to develop a great deal of positivity in your personal as well as professional life.

Besides, the stone is also very powerful and helps in heightening the powers and abilities of other stones that used in combination with it. It will not only help you to improve your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and metaphysical health, but also bring you plenty of good luck. With plenty of positive energy in your life, you will be able to channel this energy and achieve your goals with substantial ease.