Our Story

About Shungite Essence

My name is Victor Tereso owner of Shungite Essence. I thank you and appreciate you visiting my site. I fell in love with Shungite when it was introduced to me by a friend back in Spring of 2016. When he told me how old it was, a 2 billion year old stone that has incredible healing properties, I was interested to know more. He showed me 2 cylinders both looked black but one darker. He explained what they were and how to hold them. The minute I held both cylinders, one Shungite and the other soapstone. I felt this energy travel through me, It felt nice and pleasing.

I was in love with Shungite after that day. I was also shown other Shungite items. I researched it that night and the night after that, such a powerful stone not just for healing but to protect you from EMF waves too. The more I research Shungite the more I fall in love with this remarkable mineral. So 2 years later I decided to educate people on Shungite. With it’s remarkable healing properties and protection against EMF’s.

Shungite Essence is the result of the strong willingness to introduce this stone to the people all over the world and increase its availability and knowledge about it.
My commitment is to help people to experience the magic and positive properties of this amazing mineral with having the items at affordable prices. All my products are produced with love and care from the factory at Karelia Russia. It is charged with the power of pure Northern Nature and the Sun.

I came around to bring the knowledge and to educate people of how to use this stone to get the most out of it. Shungite makes lives of many people safer and better. I will do my best to provide you with shungite items which meet your daily demands and would be happy to help you with finding what you need. Feel free to contact us if any help is Needed. Info@shungiteessence.com